What To Do If You Get Sick on Your Wedding Day

What To Do If You Get Sick on Your Wedding Day

You’ve probably imagined all the worst-case scenarios for your wedding, from a spilled glass of red wine on the wedding dress to your spouse-to-be ditching you at the altar. But as horrible as these scenarios are to imagine, they aren’t nearly as likely as waking up on your big day with a croaky voice and a stomachache.

As horrifying as the realization would be, it doesn’t mean you have to call off the wedding. This is what to do if you get sick on your wedding day.

Communicate and Delegate

One of the worst things you can do as a sick bride or groom is to pretend you aren’t sick. Your first step should be to let your partner, wedding party, and other important guests know how you feel. That way, they can help you brainstorm solutions and, more importantly, take some tasks off your hands so that you can rest.

Be Choosy About Medication

Your first instinct when you noticed you were sick was probably to race to your medicine cabinet. But no medication is without its side effects. Antihistamines, of course, make you drowsy. Others—Sudafed, for example—can heighten heart rate and exasperate anxiety.

Make sure you have an idea of how your body responds to a medication before you take it. CBD is also known to relieve chronic pain, which may kick a headache and even nausea.

Load Up on Fluids

Whether your symptoms include an achy throat or a stuffy nose, hydration is essential to helping your body kick your sickness as quickly as possible. Other than water, some drinks are more suited to help you when you’re sick than others. Send a member of your wedding party out to get you:

  • Lemon water
  • Kombucha
  • Low-sugar orange juice
  • Tea with ginger and turmeric
  • Warm, spiced bone broth
  • Green tea

Of course, keep in mind that this will keep your bladder full. If you’re a bride, keep your maid of honor on standby to help you navigate your dress.

A sudden illness doesn’t have to doom your wedding day. As long as you know what to do if you get sick on your wedding day, you can navigate your symptoms and have a fun story you’ll laugh about with your future spouse every anniversary.

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