6 Simple Ways To Cut Your Wedding Costs

6 Simple Ways To Cut Your Wedding Costs

As wedding plans develop, many couples realize the total cost of weddings and may wince at the thought of spending thousands of dollars. Fortunately, when you’re in the beginning stages of planning, there are ways to cut initial costs. All it takes is creativity, and by reading our six simple ways to cut your wedding costs, you will find helpful tips in no time.

Limit Your Guest List

Creating your guest list is a daunting experience. You want to invite all your desired people while making sure no one feels left out. In this case, less is more. Limit your guest list to cut initial costs. A good rule to follow is if you haven’t spoken to the person in the past year or they haven’t made an impact on your life, don’t invite them. Maybe your summer camp bestie didn’t make the guest list cut, but that’s okay.

Set an Uncommon Wedding Date

There’s a high demand for wedding ceremonies on Saturdays because most people have weekends off from work. However, you can cut ceremony costs significantly by setting an uncommon wedding date. Book your venue on a Sunday through Friday for cheaper rates.

Easy DIY Projects

Excitement and adrenaline are fun feelings. But, when it comes to planning your wedding, Pinterest boards filled with DIYs can flood your mind. Although DIY projects are cheaper, avoid DIYing everything in your wedding because you may get overwhelmed. Instead, stick with simple projects such as centerpieces and small décor for minor cost cuts.

Decide Your Non-Negotiables

Every bride has an aspect of their wedding that they want to splurge on. Whether it’s determining the perfect wedding drinkware or buying an expensive wedding dress, there is something you want. In the early stages of planning, decide your non-negotiables and outline your budget from there.

Host Your Reception at Home

Reception venues can eat up a large chunk of your wedding budget. Therefore, you can cut costs by hosting your reception at home. The great thing about hosting at home is that there’s no set time that guests must leave the venue. When the festivities are over, you can easily crawl into bed.

Exchange Skills for Presents

If you have a friend or family member with creative skills, ask them to use their skills in place of a wedding present. For example, if your friend is a singer, ask them to perform songs at your reception as a gift. You get free entertainment for you and your guests at no cost.

Wedding planning is fun yet challenging. You’ll soon realize that weddings are expensive. Venues, dresses, catering options, and floral arrangements can put a dent in your pocket. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a whole lot on a great wedding. If you’re a bride on a budget or want to offset some fees, always refer to our six simple ways to cut your wedding costs for useful tips.

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