Sixty Years of Bliss: Landon & Alberta Lee

Sixty Years of Bliss: Landon & Alberta Lee

Wedding Day Bliss:

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The Happy Couple:

Mr. & Mrs. Landon Lee

Wedding Date:

February 26, 1956

Déjà vu: What was the most memorable part of your special  day?

We went to the preacher’s house to get married. He (the preacher) was late leaving his church which was an hour away. We waited about two hours for him. We then went to another preacher’s house who lived on the next street and got married there. Afterwards we went to my mother’s house to meet with the family for dinner; but after being about two hours late, most of the family had left.

Tear Jerker: Describe that special moment when the flood gates opened.

When we got our luggage to put in the car, my  mother started crying and said, “Don’t forget the family prayer.” That brought tears to our eyes.

Hi Jinks: That funny incident that made you laugh.


Let’s Talk: What do you do when he won’t put the cap on the toothpaste? How to deal with those day-to-day small annoyances.

[Sometimes] I’ll remind him of something he didn’t do, and he’ll act like he doesn’t hear me. He won’t respond, but later he will do that same thing I asked of him. Outré note: It sounds like the key is patience.

Let’s Talk: What do you do when she wants to talk during the game? Communicating when you don’t always want to.

When I want talk, he acts like he is listening, but he is really watching TV or reading. I’ll get his attention for a minute and then he’s right back to what he was doing.

Before we got married, I should have traveled and experienced more, visited other places and made a decision [about] where we would live and what type of job I would have.

XOXO: How do you keep that Marvin Gaye playlist on repeat? Ways to keep the romance alive.

We go most places together. We always sit together, watch movies together, go out to eat often, go to church together, and ride in the same car.


We’re so happy to have Mr. & Mrs. Lee as our first Dos & Don’ts before “I Do” submission. It was cool to hear from a husband and wife who have managed to keep their love alive for sixty years! We hope this has given newly and seasoned couples something to look forward to. 

If you’re a couple who would like to share your Dos & Don’ts, then check out our submissions page for more info. 

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