Before the Wedding: Self-Care Ideas for a Relaxing Day

Before the Wedding: Self-Care Ideas for a Relaxing Day

The days leading up to the wedding are exciting yet stressful as you make sure every detail matches your definition of perfection. But stress can lead to a lack of sleep, among other things that aren’t great for your health. Everyone needs a day to decompress, especially a bride-to-be, so try out these self-care ideas for a relaxing day!

Watch a Movie

Grab a blanket and some popcorn, and curl up on the couch to enjoy your favorite movie! Once you’re fully engrossed in the plot, you’ll forget all about the wedding stress. Enjoy your chosen flick with a buddy, like your partner-to-be or a member of your bridal party.

Plan a Spa Day

Get your bridal party together and enjoy some at-home spa time! Everyone loves good pampering, and by inviting your bridal party to join in, you’ll also squeeze in some bonding time. Make things perfect by planning a skin-care routine for that ideal bridal glow and throwing on some comfy clothes.

As you create a zen spa environment, consider lighting candles and putting on some soft music. Of course, you can’t forget about a comfy robe and some lush towels to stay cozy throughout the pampering process.

Do Some Exercise

When the weather’s nice, go for a walk outside and breathe in some fresh air. Exercise is a great stress reliever and releases endorphins, which will have you feeling great! But nature walks aren’t ideal for everyone; activities like yoga still help you decompress and regulate breathing.

Pro Tip

Breathing exercises are another great way to calm the mind, plus you can do this after a good workout or during yoga. As you practice deep breathing, remember to exhale longer than you inhale since this calms the central nervous system.

Journal Your Thoughts

Sometimes, getting your thoughts out is the best way to relax. Getting things down on paper helps you achieve mental clarity, which is why journaling is among the great self-care ideas for a relaxing day. So pick out the perfect journal, brew a cup of tea, and start writing.

Stream of consciousness (writing your thoughts as they occur) can feel a bit weird the first time, but once you do it a few times, you’ll see why so many people utilize this technique to destress.

Pro Tip

Schedule relaxation time into your wedding planning so that you don’t feel unbalanced. If things feel too overwhelming or you have too much on your plate, try asking for help. After all, friends and family are there to support you—everyone wants your big day to feel incredible.

Creating a self-care routine is always important, but it’s crucial when you go through a major life change. While planning a wedding comes with an array of emotions, you can beat the stress with some days of pure relaxation so you can enjoy the bliss of marriage!

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