Something Old, Something New… Guide for the Perfect Quirky Do

Something Old, Something New… Guide for the Perfect Quirky Do

Every bride must answer 2 questions, perhaps the most pivotal wedding questions of all time. How will I wear my hair and how can I incorporate: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on my special day? These questions can be a perfect storm for the “Outre Bride” that doesn’t follow trends, but simply makes her own. Perhaps you can show your beautiful creativity and cool quirkiness without offending “Aunt Gertrude” and her boss (My apologies to Aunt Gertrude and her boss–I’m just saying…) during your big day. Below are some ways to incorporate creativity and quirkiness using your hair into all that’s old and new and borrowed and blue.

Something Old

They say nothing ever truly goes out of style it just goes on hiatus. The same could be said for hairstyles. Below are some creative hairstyles that you can easily incorporate into your wedding day style. Retro waves are the perfect touch of class for the nostalgic yet trendy bride. This look could be easily adorned with flowers, or the perfect veil.

This look is perfect for natural brides that want to embrace their natural tresses while showcasing their roots. (literally and figuratively) This look would be perfect for a low neck line dress or a headband.

A beehive will have your guests all abuzz. Pair this look with a cat eye or a hair ribbon for a classic blast from the past.

Something New

A contemporary hairstyle is the perfect way for the modern bride to express her personality and make a fashion statement without overwhelming traditional pieces and accents.

The Mohawk, a trademark of millennials, is a perfect statement for modern brides. Add curls and pearls to soften this look.

Braids are a perfect way to make a unique statement and they work well with most hair textures.

This sleek look will have you bobbing for greatness. Pair this look with a chic, simple gown which will allow this style to pop.

Something Borrowed

Lets face it, every bride’s dream is spending time creating a gift registry, only to have her precious family and friends buy at their own discretion. Why not have loved ones contribute to these cool hair-dos.

Hair jewels are the perfect way to add extravagance and style to your hair. You may also want to explore crafting or handmade jewelry stores to customize your headpiece using family heirlooms or your favorite pieces.

Hats are perfect for covering up a bad hair day or highlighting your perfect day. A hat is also a perfect way to incorporate wedding colors and creative accents.

Headpieces are a perfect way to add style and quirkiness to your wedding style. Headpieces are also a great way to incorporate wedding themes and colors. As with hair jewels, your headpiece can be customized to add more personality to your look.

Something Blue

Yes, blue is used to describe the feeling of sadness or a calm and serene day; however, these blue hair-dos are anything but sad or calm.

Blue hair, why not? Not only does blue add the perfect touch of color, it looks great on most skin tones. Try dyeing your hair blue or you may choose colored hair pieces to add a more subtle hue of blue.

Blue flowers are a beautiful way to add a fun and colorful accent to your wedding tresses. This look may be achieved with fresh or silk flowers.

What woman doesn’t love a little sparkle? Hair glitter is a fun and creative way to add some sparkle to your crown and glory.

Whether your style is: modern, retro, trendy or cool, there is a perfect hairstyle that will tell your perfect story on your perfect day.


Outré Bride Contributor  – Mia Poole


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