Tips To Get the Perfect Manicure for Your Wedding

Tips To Get the Perfect Manicure for Your Wedding

Preparing for your wedding can be both the most exciting and most exhausting time of your life. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things you must complete on your checklist, with getting a manicure being one of those tasks. Rid yourself of the stress and follow these tips to get the perfect manicure for your wedding.

Make It a Routine

It helps to get into a habit of caring for your nails. Making nail care feel like part of your monthly routine will have you ahead of the curve. It’s a good practice to buy a personal mand-pedi kit with the best polishes and tools to give yourself monthly treatments. Just make sure you get your wedding manicure as close to the big day as possible. If you take care of this task too early, you’ll end up losing the glitz and glam of a fresh set of nails.

Spoil Your Nails

Getting the perfect nails for your wedding day is a lot like preparing for a final exam. If you only study the night before the test, you might be able to pull off a passing grade. However, if you constantly learn throughout the semester, you won’t be stressed and will receive a high mark. Regularly caring for your hands with creams and moisturizers in the weeks before the big day will have things looking tip-top.

Test Things Out

Try your plan out a few weeks before the event instead of waiting until the last possible moment. Finding the right color and shade of polish takes several trials before getting it right, so allowing that extra time alleviates some stress. Setting up a trial period will enable you to try more extravagant designs, but make sure that it doesn’t take away from the dress, ring, and theme.

Stock Up on Supplies

If you know the exact style you will use, it’s wise to fully stock up on those polishes to allow for some trial and error. The worst thing that can happen is showing up at a salon only to find they are out of the color you want.

Assemble a Backup Kit

Building a backup kit is vital if there is any snag throughout the process—like a salon running out of your color. Chips and breaks are also common mishaps that can happen throughout the day, so preparing for an emergency ensures that your nails remain immaculate.

Following these tips to get the perfect manicure for your wedding will make you feel and look like a star. There is so much happening when you are planning your wedding. Creating a mani-pedi plan and caring for your hands and nails consistently will take one more task off your to-do list.

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