Love is Cozy: Chase & Taylor

Couple: Chase & Taylor Photographer’s Note: This cold and windy engagement session called for blankets, bonfires and hot chocolate! Taylor and Chase cozied up together to keep warm and set up camp in front of a 1969 Vintage Nomad camper.

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Loving You is Second Nature: Cameron & Alysha

Couple: Cameron & Alysha Photographer’s Note: Cameron and Alysha are funny, adventurous and sweet. It was so wonderful venturing out to Rattlesnake Point with them for their golden hour engagement session. There was a lot to see and do at

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The Magic of Love: Ricky & Megan

We just love this engagement shoot. If you’re into Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Dr. Who, this cute couple will show you how to capture all fandoms into one wonderful engagement shoot. With the assistance of their awesome photographer, Becca,

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Trisha and Nik Join the Dark Side

We’re all a bunch of big nerds here, and couldn’t have been more excited about the different Science-Fiction themed weddings and engagement shoots that we’ve been getting. This engagement session takes the cake. We’re beyond thrilled to showcase this Star

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A Walk in the Park: Chuka & Gloria

 [foogallery id=”2343″] The great thing about a couple story is the story. Reading Chuka and Gloria’s is so inspiring. It reminds us that in relationships, it’s not always a stroll through the park. Love has it’s ups and downs, but if

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Love is an Adventure: Robert & Stephanie

Couple: Robert  &Stephanie Check out these beautiful photos of Robert and Stephanie’s engagement session in the beautiful Georgia woods. The two combined their love of animals and the outdoors to announce their upcoming nuptials. After speaking with Robert, we’re excited to see

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Love Reaches New Heights: Noah & Tia

When we received these beautiful photos of this engagement shoot, we were ecstatic to showcase them on our site. While viewing them, we knew we couldn’t wait to hear the story of how their love continues to reach new heights.

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