Common Rehearsal Dinner Mistakes To Avoid

Common Rehearsal Dinner Mistakes To Avoid

Tons of details go into planning a wedding. Everything from floral arrangements to place cards may be on the top of your mind. However, you can’t forget the rehearsal dinner. If you’re planning yours, check out these common rehearsal dinner mistakes to avoid.

Not Devoting Enough Time for Rehearsing

Rehearsal dinners can be a casual meal between couples and their wedding party. Brides can let out their pre-wedding jitters while socializing with the wedding party and guests. However, the point of a rehearsal dinner is to rehearse. Before sitting down to enjoy a meal, make sure you go over the wedding walk-through. You can create a temporary aisle and practice the order of the ceremony or conduct a quick meeting to make sure your wedding party understands your expectations.

Forgetting To Invite Important Guests

Like your wedding, you must create a rehearsal dinner guest list. Remember that the rehearsal part of the dinner is for practicing, so your whole wedding party should attend. Make a list of your entire party to ensure that you invited everyone. If you want to include people outside the wedding party, that’s fine. Ultimately, the guest list is up to you.

Forgetting Small Details

You can think of your rehearsal dinner as a mini reception. You’ll need a venue, meal, decorations, and guests. However, small details can slip your mind. For example, some people forget to make RSVPs for their dinner, so they don’t know their headcount until the day of the dinner. In other cases, people may forget matching decorations and dinnerware. Knowing your dinnerware aesthetic is one simple dinnerware tip to keep in mind.

Forgetting To Plan a Dinner

Surprisingly, some couples forget to plan a rehearsal dinner. We understand that planning a wedding is a lot of work, and a rehearsal dinner may slip your mind. However, dedicating a block of time to rehearsing is critical. Not only are you showing appreciation toward your wedding party, but you’re practicing the rundown for the next day’s events. In addition, this is your time to finalize the wedding party order and make sure everyone understands their parts.

Wedding planning is always hectic. You have a ton of things on your mind, and a rehearsal dinner may be an afterthought. Although it’s not on everyone’s top list of things to plan, it’s still an important part of your wedding festivities. Always refer to these common rehearsal dinner mistakes to avoid while planning your dinner.

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