Jet Off to a Good Start: Get a Travel Agent For the Honeymoon

Jet Off to a Good Start: Get a Travel Agent For the Honeymoon

Jet Off to a Good Start: Get a Travel Agent For the Honeymoon
By Anders Abadie

The bouquet has been tossed. The cake has been cut. Patty, the drunken bridesmaid, has been carted off in a cab. You’re ready-for the first time-to jaunt off to parts unknown as a married couple. Whether you’re relaxing on the beaches of Maui or trudging through the Amazon rainforest, after this life-altering event you deserve to sit back and let someone else take the reins. Here are five reasons you should hand the honeymoon planning over to a travel agent.

1. He’s done this a million times. You might book one Mediterranean cruise in your lifetime-if you’re lucky-but your travel agent does it all the time. He has probably booked three this week! He knows all the ins and outs: the cruise line with the biggest rooms, the friendliest waiters, the strongest drinks! Trust his expertise.

2. He’s a one-stop problem solver. Hotel overbooked? Missed flight? They seem monumental, but your agent deals with these problems day in and day out. Many reputable agencies offer an app or other means to immediately alert them to your problem. Some even have contacts in major travel destinations who handle these things in person so that you can worry less about your lost luggage and more about having another glass of Merlot.

3. He’s on top of rapidly changing global situations. Measles outbreak? Earthquake damage? Your agent has his finger on the pulse of these ever-changing tensions. Besides getting you in touch with the proper international authorities, he’ll keep you abreast of any additional travel documents or vaccinations you may require. Enjoy the safari; skip the smallpox.

4. He gets perks that he can often pass along to you! From amusement park discounts to last-minute dinner reservations at that hip Manhattan restaurant, your seasoned travel agent is in the know and has likely fostered relationships with the right people. In many cases, he can pull strings and make things happen that you may not be able to do on your own. Want tickets to that sold-out Broadway musical? There’s a good chance your agent can help you with that.

5. You need to be pampered! Planning a wedding is stressful. Church, flowers, in-laws; it’s enough to make even the most Zen person go bonkers. It’s time to do you. J Lo has someone making her travel arrangements-why shouldn’t you? You deserve it. A good travel agent knows that each travel experience is as unique as the person booking it. So relax. It’s time for someone to take care of YOU!

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