3 Reasons Wedding Planners Love Using Photo Booths

3 Reasons Wedding Planners Love Using Photo Booths

No matter what kind of wedding you’re planning, you need activities for people to engage in. And what better way for people to capture your clients’ special moment forever than with photo booth pictures? Explore these three reasons wedding planners love using photo booths.

It Builds on the Theme

Photo booths aren’t just a quirky little place to take a picture—they are an opportunity for guests to dress up and make silly memories. Most times, photo booths have an accompanying table of props and items that supplement that overarching theme of the wedding. For example, if you have a beach-side wedding, you can put out sunglasses, sun hats, seashell necklaces, leis, and more. The resulting pictures complement your vision as a wedding planner and incorporate more ways for guests to soak in the event.

It Adds More Activity

At any event, people are looking for something to do. Sure, small talk is always an option, but weddings give people myriad opportunities to talk. After the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, late-night drinks, and wedding ceremony, guests have spent lots of time together. Help them find other ways to connect beyond quick conversation with an activity like a photo booth. As the wedding planner, you likely have go-to activities like lawn sports and board games. But photo booths will definitely give your evening a fresh, fun edge.

It Gives People Long-Lasting Memories

Memories from events come from shared moments like sitting in a photo booth together. However, the long-lasting ones have physical reminders to supplement the memories in your mind. That’s why photo booths are the perfect shared experience with a tangible reminder that makes you feel warm and nostalgic inside. And what event is more warm and fuzzy feeling than a wedding? Give guests something to hold onto for a lifetime that will continue to bring them back to the bride and groom.

Remember these three reasons wedding planners love using photo booths as you plan the reception. If you’re looking for something new and fresh, you should consider trying out a 360 rotating photo booth that spins automatically with all-around image options. With video-like quality, these photo booths will give great footage for your guests and the wedding videographer alike. Give your clients an unforgettable wedding and throw in a photo booth for extra oomph.

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