4 Tips for Planning the Best Wedding Photos

4 Tips for Planning the Best Wedding Photos

No wedding is complete without photos! Capturing those breathtaking photos takes some planning and a bit of research, but it’s worth it. With these tips for planning the best wedding photos, you can always look back at this lovely chapter of your life with joy. Search out a great photographer and picturesque venue!

Get To Know Your Photographer

Don’t go with the first photographer you find when looking online. Instead, aim to talk with three or four different professionals. Then, narrow your search by checking out their websites and customer reviews to see if their work is what you want. Additionally, this helps you determine if the person or company you hire is reputable.

Make getting to know your photographer easier by scheduling an in-person interview. This allows you to see what ideas they have for taking romantic pictures of you and your partner. You can also find out what conditions or venues they’ll work under.

Do a Trial Run 

You want everything to run smoothly and look perfect on the big day, so do a trial run in advance. Some brides-to-be advise doing this on the same day you do a test run of hair and makeup.

During a trial run, you also get to see if the venue and time of day align with what you’ve dreamed up. While you may initially want photos taken outside, you may change your mind after seeing how they look.


Take extra care of your engagement ring in the days leading up to the wedding. By caring for your ring the right wayyou keep it beautiful. This means having a cleaning schedule and knowing when to remove your ring. If, for instance, you and your partner plan to move into a home before the wedding, you should safely store your engagement band during the process to prevent damage.    

Have a Plan

Decide when you want photos taken and talk to your photographer about this. Typically, couples have photos taken in the preparation process, during the ceremony, at cocktail hour, then at the reception. Many say the most picturesque photos are taken during the golden hour which is one hour before sunrise and sunset.

Knowing when you want planned photos taken of your bridal party and family keeps things stress-free so that you can enjoy yourself. And you can always have the photographer take some candid shots of guests celebrating during the reception.

Have Fun

The final tip to planning the best wedding photos is to have a great time! This is your big day, so live it up and cherish this time. Think up ways to make your photos unique either by incorporating guests during your grand entrance or taking romantic photos with your partner.

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