How to Craft Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding

How to Craft Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding

Your signature cocktail is a unique drink that you can add to your wedding menu or cocktail hour. Besides typical bar drinks, you have the opportunity to serve something distinct. If you’re interested, keep reading to learn how to craft signature cocktails for your wedding.

Think of Cocktails You Like

If you’re not a master mixologist, that’s ok! Before crafting a unique cocktail, think of the drinks you like. What is your go-to order? Maybe you enjoy martinis, or perhaps you like an amaretto sour. You can take inspiration from your favorite cocktails to create your own. Select your alcohol of choice and try different flavor combinations with fruit juices, bitters, or concentrated flavoring mixes. Then, you can serve the best ones at your wedding.

Keep Your Guests’ Taste in Mind

Of course, you want a cocktail that fits your tastebuds, but you must keep your guests’ taste in mind too! Think about flavors that are universally appealing and less intense alcohol selections. For example, vodka and rum are less intense than whiskey and gin.

Coordinate Cocktail With Your Wedding Theme

As you build your cocktail, coordinate it with your wedding theme. Incorporate colors, flavors, or garnishes to tie in with the festivities. You can also think about the season while making your cocktails. For instance, if it’s spring, you can infuse liquor with custom flavors like mangos, apricots, or cherries for a unique taste.

Add a Personal Touch by Creating a Clever Name

After crafting your cocktails, you can add a personal touch by creating a clever name for them. If you love a good pun or enjoy creativity, this part will excite you. Take wedding words or phrases, you and your partner’s names, or things you like, and create fun names. Here are some great examples:

  • Be Mine Wine
  • Blushing Bride or Grinning Groom
  • Something Old Fashioned
  • Bloody Marry Me
  • Mint-To-Be Mojito
  • I-Do Brew

After reading our guide on how to craft signature cocktails for your wedding, we hope you think of great ideas. Have fun trying new drinks and creating awesome flavor combinations that you love. If you ever need help, always refer to this guide.

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