Tips for Planning a Garden-Themed Wedding

Tips for Planning a Garden-Themed Wedding

Picture this: You’re surrounded by falling cherry blossoms that line the aisle. Around you, sunlight pours in through small open areas from the sides; or perhaps the sunlight floods in through a tree’s branches. If this sounds like a dream come true, a garden-themed wedding might be in your future. To help you plan your perfect day, here’s a quick rundown on the best tips for planning a garden-themed wedding.

Plan According to the Season

You can showcase any flowers you’d like if it’s an indoor wedding. However, if you plan to be out with the wild things in front of Mother Nature’s stunning masterpieces, you need to coordinate with the season. For example, if you fall in love with a certain bouquet of flowers during the summer, but your wedding is in the winter, you might run into some issues. By planning your date according to the season, you can enjoy the popular blooms you adore.

Protect Your Plants From Bugs

During your outdoor ceremony, you’re likely to have bugs and unwanted vermin in the area. Before signing a contract with a venue, discuss any precautions with the site manager to understand what they plan to do to help control the bug population on your big day. There’s even a chance they can recommend products to help combat creepy crawlers.

Dress Your Décor to the Theme

For a garden-themed wedding, you can indeed use any decorative pieces you like. If you are planning to use elements from Alice in Wonderland, for example, we recommend using funky chairs and setting flowers into teapots for the centerpieces. Another way to get artistic and elevate an eccentric theme is to use second-hand china to help make the theme come alive.

Be Wary of Weather Conditions

To help maintain your plants’ integrity and prevent them from getting damaged, you must prepare for unpredicted weather. If there’s going to be rain, get pop-up tents and personalized parasols to help keep guests dry and your decorations protected.

Make the Space Your Own

Gardens of all kinds are gorgeous, but you need to add your own elements to make them truly unique. Thankfully, you can use different household items to elevate any garden and make the space yours. For instance, you can start out with a bathtub at the entrance, and then utilize books as planter holders for the centerpieces.

This entire day is meant for you and your partner—and these tips for planning a garden-themed wedding are simply the icing on the cake. Before you say, “I do,” use these pointers to make your dream day a reality.

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