Tips for Turning a Backyard into a Wedding Venue

Tips for Turning a Backyard into a Wedding Venue

Hosting a wedding in a backyard is an excellent idea for a handful of reasons. It can be an easy way to dramatically cut costs so that you can put more money toward enjoying the honeymoon or saving for the future. Maybe you even have a parent or a friend with a glorious backyard that deserves to shine during a wedding. Whatever your reasons, here are some helpful tips for turning a backyard into a wedding venue.

Start with the Curb Appeal

Although the fun will be taking place on the back side of the house, creating an immediate and lasting first impression is still essential. When guests arrive, you want them all to experience the ambiance of the wedding as they pull up. Make sure the landscaping is as fresh as the backyard. Let the wedding theme flow out into the front yard by using décor or special lighting. A step out of the car is a step into a new world for the night—and the magic starts at the front of the house.

Create a Hidden Sanctuary

Another tip for turning a backyard into a wedding venue is to design, organize, and rearrange the yard to make it seem like you aren’t outside someone’s house. Cover up, hide, or completely move anything that can take away from the wedding. For example, even though a hose has a natural home rolled up nicely under the spigot, move it to the garage for this special day. Likewise, disguise the AC unit and make sure all the dog toys are entirely out of sight.

Make the Best of the Space

When you’re using a backyard for a wedding, you’ll have to get creative with your flooring options. Hopefully there will be a large enough patio to support a good amount of people for the reception. Mow the grass the day before to keep the grass as short as possible. Another option you can look into is pool dance floor coverings. Coming in various colors such as black, clear, and frosted, these allow you to walk on top of a pool. You can use this as a celestial first dance location or even for exchanging “I dos!”

Backyard weddings are fantastic ideas for multiple reasons. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a night everyone will remember.

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