Love Reaches New Heights: Noah & Tia

Love Reaches New Heights: Noah & Tia


When we received these beautiful photos of this engagement shoot, we were ecstatic to showcase them on our site. While viewing them, we knew we couldn’t wait to hear the story of how their love continues to reach new heights. Upon reading Tia’s words of how she and Noah have come to this beautiful place in their lives, we knew we couldn’t do the story any justice by trying to paraphrase; so as you read Tia’s words, just notice how a smile slowly spreads across your face.

We asked: What’s your couple story?

Tia: Noah and I were introduced to each other through one of my best friends; Miesha. I remember while in Grad school in early 2012 I was at home typing a long paper and Miesha texted me; “I have someone you should meet. He is my co-worker and his name is Noah.” The text followed with several pictures of Noah. I said to myself, “Oh, ok, he is cute.” Unbeknownst to me, Miesha already showed Noah a picture of me, LOL!
While expressing all that I had going on at the time and not believing I had time, I remember her saying, “Well you never know; this is just a Meet and Greet, but I think you guys would be a good match.” So our phone numbers were exchanged.
When Noah and I spoke, it was as if we knew each other already! We just clicked! After several conversations, Noah asked me out on a date – March 31, 2012!
Being that our first date was sort of a blind date, I remember walking out of my apartment to meet him, praying to myself, “Lord please do not let anything be wrong with this man” (smiley face). When we finally met in person, I still can hear the words Noah said when he first saw me!!!!. (all smiles). He took me to one of our now favorite restaurants and from that moment on we have been inseparable.
Noah has taught me so much throughout out the years of courting. He is my best friend, helpmate and true companion and I have grown into a better woman!
On June 16, 2014, his birthday, Noah definitely proved that he is one of the most selfless people I know! On this day Noah went down on one knee in front of our families and some of our close friends and asked me to MARRY HIM! It was the best day EVER. God has truly blessed me with the man of my dreams and in his timing!!

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We asked: What was the inspiration for your shoot?

Tia: The inspiration of our photo shoot incorporated both of our backgrounds. Noah is graduate of Henderson State University with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation and is a commercial pilot, currently employed with the United States Government. Therefore our first shoot was at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport at the SkyBound Aviation Academy. It is also the same location Noah took me flying for my first birthday celebration together.
The second location was at Studioplex Lofts, located in downtown Atlanta which is also the Old Fourth Ward. It was a recommendation by our photographer because of the open brick and the industrial/rustic style. It also gave us the impression that we were in a different era. I wanted to incorporate a formal session in which we both dressed up, something outside the box.
The third location was off of Freedom Parkway at the Jackson Street Bridge. This by far was my favorite shoot. I am originally from New York and I am a true city girl. I wanted our photographer to capture the beautiful Atlanta city skyline. This shoot was very romantic.
Credits: Location: Dekalb-Peachtree Airport/Studioplex Lofts/Jackson Street Bridge
Photography: Charlton Inije – Inije Photography & Films

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