The Magic of Love: Ricky & Megan

The Magic of Love: Ricky & Megan

We just love this engagement shoot. If you’re into Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Dr. Who, this cute couple will show you how to capture all fandoms into one wonderful engagement shoot. With the assistance of their awesome photographer, Becca, from Chris & Becca Photography, they were able to provide inspiration for us mere muggles.

Couple: Ricky & Megan

Photographer’s Notes: Ricky and Megan had their engagement session in Edgerton Park, New Haven. It didn’t take long to get these two laughing. They’re so comfortable with one another, and it shines through in their photos. I was completely in love with how amazing Megan’s green hair looks against the red and orange fall foliage! Ricky and Megan brought along a Harry Potter wand, light saber, and Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver to use in their photos. As someone who’s avidly followed all three fandoms for a long time, I was crazy excited! This wasn’t planned ahead of time, but with some Photoshop magic we created some seriously magical images.


Photographer:  Chris & Becca Photography// Other Location: Edgerton Park//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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