How To Help the Groom Stand Out at the Wedding

How To Help the Groom Stand Out at the Wedding

At most wedding ceremonies, it’s impossible to miss the bride’s stunning gown and gorgeous look. The groom, however, sometimes disappears into the background of wedding photos and reception crowds. He, his groomsmen, and anyone else attending in a suit might look too similar. Here are a few tips on how to help the groom stand out at the wedding and make both members of the happy couple look their best.

Emulate the Bride and Bridesmaids Distinction

One go-to trick weddings often rely on to further distinguish the bride from her bridesmaids is to have each of the bridesmaids wear a shared color. The groomsmen can easily do the same by all wearing an ensemble that’s the same color while the groom wears something different. For example, all of the groomsmen could wear sleek navy suits. In contrast, the groom can wear the traditional black tuxedo or go a bit more adventurous with a tan (or even white!) option.

Having your supporting cast of groomsmen sport a singular, shared look provides a fantastic backdrop for showing off a distinct and impeccable groom!

Adorn the Groom With Meaningful Accessories

Accessories are a fantastic way to help a groom stand out from the crowd, even if his attire matches some guests. Accessories like unique pocket squares, cummerbunds, and even lapel pins can help elevate the groom’s outfit and add an individualized touch to his look.

More natural options, like florals and plants, can add a soft touch to a sharp suit. For example, a boutonnière helps match the groom to the bride’s bouquet or even the wedding’s floral décor. Family members of Hawaiian grooms have an easy way to visually set the groom apart with plant life, as the deeply meaningful ti leaf lei is a common feature in weddings.

Ditch the Three-Piece Ensemble

One way to truly set the groom apart from the guests is to do away with the classic three-piece suit entirely. Going without the jacket and showing off a vest creates a warm, casual look. Outdoor weddings in hot weather are much more pleasant in a pair of shorts than dress slacks. Even the dress shoes can stay in the closet for laidback grooms looking to sport their favorite sneakers instead. These little choices to dress down instead of up can make it much easier to tell the groom apart from everyone else (and add some levity to a typically formal occasion)!

There are endless minor changes you can make to help the groom stand out at the wedding, from a different color tie to simply removing the suit jacket! As long as the happy couple loves the look and the groom feels comfortable wearing it, then it’s perfect for their big day.

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