Style Tips for Grooms on Their Wedding Day

Style Tips for Grooms on Their Wedding Day

In many ways, the bride is the centerpiece of a wedding. All the guests gush about how beautiful and glowing the bride is in her dress to the point that the groom is sometimes consigned to her shadow.

But a wedding is about a union, which means that the groom is just as important as the bride. That means your style is just as important. If the thought is stressful, fear not, grooms. Our style tips for grooms on their wedding day are here to help you walk into your big day with confidence.

Finding the Look

The black and white tuxedo is a classic look on your wedding day, and you really can’t go wrong showing up to your big day looking like James Bond. But a tux isn’t the only way to go about your attire as a groom. You can always try out a less-than-conventional look, such as:

  • A dress shirt with a vest or suspenders
  • An outfit with a cowboy hat, fedora, or trilby
  • Converse or sandals instead of dress shoes
  • An unconventional jacket choice, such as a leather jacket
  • A kilt
  • A funky patterned tie, bowtie, or ascot

If you want to switch up the look without going too far from the beaten path of a tux, you can always opt for a wedding suit instead. There are only a few differences, but it’s worthwhile to consider it as an option.

Play With Color

Along the lines of messing with the style of clothes, you can also mess with the color. Black and white is obviously the standard, but you can also consider adding a small pop of color or wearing a suit or tux in a different color.

If you’re planning on stepping away from the chessboard color scheme, your best bet is to look to the wedding itself for inspiration. Wear one of the colors from your wedding’s color scheme or match another detail related to the day, such as the bride’s bouquet or the terrain. For example, wear blue for an ocean wedding or green for a forest wedding.

Add a Personal Touch

At the end of the day, your wedding is about you, your spouse-to-be, and your future happiness. So, when it comes to deciding on your style as a groom on your wedding day, you should find ways to add a personal touch to the look, such as:

  • A pair of themed cufflinks
  • Fandom socks
  • A sentimental piece of jewelry
  • A pin or boutonniere that represents you

Just like the bride, it isn’t so much the attire that makes you look good on your wedding day. It’s the joy of celebrating the best day of your life. Adding that little personal touch will help remind you that, ultimately, the day is about happiness.

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