What To Wear for a Wedding When You Aren’t a Dress Person

What To Wear for a Wedding When You Aren’t a Dress Person

So you have an upcoming wedding to attend. Wonderful right? Yes! Except for the part when you “have” to wear a dress. Getting dolled up is an absolute blast for some and a nightmare for others.

If you fall into the latter, some alternatives could be a better fit for you. These are some things that you can wear for a wedding when you aren’t a dress person.


Without getting too far on the business casual end of the spectrum, jumpsuits are the next closest article of clothing that is still “formal” enough for wedding guests. They are one-piece outfits that combine a blouse and trousers. There are many different colors, patterns, materials, and styles that jumpsuits can be, making them excellent choices for various wedding themes across all times of the year.


A romper is similar to a jumpsuit, but with shorts instead of pants. The beautiful thing about these is that they can give the illusion of being a skirt, instead of shorts, transforming them into appearing like a mini dress. Rompers are lovely options for outdoor or less formal weddings, and many of them have built-in pockets.

Nice Pants or Shorts and a Blazer

Another outfit you can wear for a wedding when you aren’t a dress person is an excellent combination of either pants or shorts with a blouse and blazer. Paired with heels or slips, this is a wonderful alternative to wearing a dress. Of course, there are many ways to style the outfit, such as with a clutch, hair, accessories, or a scarf.

A Different Style of Dress

Although this article is about alternatives to wearing a dress, there are still dozens of different styles to choose from. If floral patterns aren’t your thing, try out something more neutral or even checkered. Not all dresses need to hug and show every curve on your body. There are plenty of flowy options (if not “slouched”) that could be more your style.

Just because you aren’t a “dress person” doesn’t mean that there still aren’t ways for you to look your best self the next time you attend a wedding.

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