Spotlight on GiftWrapMe: Unwrap Your Honeymoon

Spotlight on GiftWrapMe: Unwrap Your Honeymoon


While perusing the aisles of a bridal show over the past week I happened upon a cute product that was very intriguing. What was even more delightful was the excitement and exuberance of the person representing this sexy item. Shanta Crichlow is the creator and owner of GiftWrapMe, a product that will literally help you to unwrap your honeymoon. I don’t think I would do much justice in trying to explain how these pretty panties work. You’ll just have to see for yourself. While your at it, read more about GiftWrapMe and how these frilly things can help you add more fun to your special night.

How long has GiftWrapMe been in business and what was the inspiration for the product?

GiftWrapMe panty is a brand new product that launched officially in January of this year (2016). It is the first of several products to come. Our vision is for GiftWrapMe panty to be the go-to Honeymoon bag item. We want a pair on every bride in Atlanta and beyond.
The idea was inspired by a light conversation with my husband two Christmases ago. I do not recall how the conversation started, but it ended with me saying “Hey, how cool would it be if there was a panty that opened up like a gift, I mean literally opens like a gift!” That night I started sketching out what a panty like that would look like.

What makes your item stand out from others–why is it considered unique?

Although the name and the cute style typically grabs people’s attention, they are hooked once they see the panty in action. This panty is far more engaging than the typical pair as it actually opens (unsnaps) in layers. Starting with the bow, it has four layers of opening – talk about building anticipation. (I have not seen another panty that does this). For our more anxious couples, the panty still slides on and off as usual. The lace and satin material are especially soft so that GiftWrapMe panties feel good against the skin and don’t itch. You will actually want to wear these and can even walk around the house in them if you like. We dare couples to unwrap the possibilities in their relationship.

Do you offer custom designs and if so, how long does it take for a client to receive his/her order?

We do not offer customized rhinestone messaging for the message (last) layer at this time. We do have some stock messaging that can be added for an additional cost. We currently have “I (heart) You”, “Happy Birthday” and “Merry X-Mas”. Clients are always welcome to customize their pair on their own.
Clients can expect to get online orders within a week to a week and a half. If there is a delay for any reason, we are sure to notify the client immediately. (We have yet to have that problem).

How can customers order pieces?

Clients can order pieces on our website
Now that you’ve seen these pretty panties for yourself, go ahead and get a pair for yourself, your sweetheart, or for your besties’ bridal shower. They’re sure to be a hit.

Credit: Jason Audain | Yahuda Solutions Photography

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